March 8, 2019: Special Speaker from the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission!


As you learn more about your genealogical background, have you ever wondered what your European ancestors may have experienced during World War II and the Holocaust? Would you like to learn more about this riveting and tragic piece of history?

Whether you’re a member of our Lago Vista Genealogical Society, a history buff, a student researching World War II and/or the Holocaust, or just curious about it all, this is a great opportunity to learn so much more from an expert…

We’re so honored to have J.E. “Jake” Wolfson, Education Coordinator, from the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission of Austin doing a presentation for our Lago Vista Genealogical Society on Friday, March 8 from 10 am – noon!

The program will mainly focus on the Holocaust and World War II, specifically as it relates to European countries, and what the people there experienced during that period of history. This history is incredibly valuable, educational and insightful on many levels, especially for those genealogists who have/had ancestors that lived there during WWII. This can really put it all into context for family research and the personal histories that go into our genealogy.

Jake Wolfson will present a fascinating and historical picture of the European experience of the Holocaust and WWII, followed by a Q & A session with our audience of genealogists. Come and join us for this interesting program, and learn from an expert!


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Advertisements – Library Edition is here!!


Great News!! Our Lago Vista Public Library just got the – Library Edition for our Lago Vista Genealogical Society and all of our patrons!! Thanks for your patience as we’ve been working to get this up and running. This is an exciting new development here, and we’re thrilled to share it with you! Here are some of the criteria for it, and also some links that should be helpful in learning how to navigate it:


  • To access the – Library Edition, you must be logged in through the Library’s IP address, which means AT THE LIBRARY.
    • This means either logging on to one of the library’s computers, or
    • Logging in through the library’s Wi-Fi network if you bring your own laptop.
  • The library edition is more limited in functions than an individual account, but you still have access to all the search databases.
    • Since you won’t be able to save your info to an Ancestry tree using the library edition, you may want to bring a USB flash drive with you to save information.
    • That way you’ll be able to take that home with you to have the information accessible to you there.
  • Go to to begin searching!
    • There are also several quick links at the bottom of that page that might take you to areas you’d like to research.
    • Check out the tabs across the top of the page, including the Learning Center, which may be helpful to become more familiar with using the site.


Give it a whirl and have some fun with it! You might make some fascinating new discoveries!

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How Do I Start Building my Family Tree?


March 2018

Are you a novice when it comes to genealogy? Maybe you’re not sure how to start a genealogy tree for your family? Or do you need guidance on how to navigate some of the many genealogy websites out there, for building your family tree structure?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our amazing Lago Vista Genealogical Society is ever-growing, and comprised of members who are everything from novices to long-time experts (and everything in between). We share with each other information, experiences, researching methods, troubleshooting techniques, etc., and we’d love to have you join us so you can get more out of your genealogical journey as well!

At our April 13th meeting, we’re going to be conducting a workshop – specifically on how to get your family tree structure built, as well as other research techniques. Our LVGS members use a variety of websites and methods, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with aspiring genealogists! Come join us on Friday, April 13th at the Lago Vista Public Library from 10 am – noon, and learn how to take your ancestral research to new levels!


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How Do I Preserve My Genealogical Work?

Who Are Genealogists?

February 2018

At our last LVGS meeting, one of the topics we discussed was the possible dilemma that some genealogists face when no one in the family seems interested in preserving all the genealogical work that’s been done. Let’s face it, this genealogy search we’re on is everything from a hobby to a passion (obsession, some might even say), and the thought of our heirs just dismissing it, or – perish the thought – trashing it, is just frightening!

There are some alternative options to that, if you have no heirs or relatives who have any desire in preserving your work, and all these valuable records of your family’s history. Here are some to consider, but you would need to check with each organization first to be sure they can/would preserve your genealogy:

Additionally, here’s a good article with several ideas on ways of preservation:

Happy searching, and see you at the next meeting!



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The Journey Begins…

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We are braver and wiser because they existed, those strong women and strong men… We are who we are because they were who they were. It’s wise to know where you come from, who called your name.
~ Maya Angelou
Reckelkamm Family, circa 1910
Reckelkamm Family, circa 1910: Family portrait includes Georg Reckelkamm, his wife Meta Carstensen, their daughters, Christine, Luisa and Lydia, and Meta’s mother, Christine Lorenzen Carstensen. (*Image is property of Christina A. Frisbie)

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